Formal landscape design heavily depends on straight lines and geometrical shapes. The plantings are orderly and pruned neatly pruned to maintain their formal effect.  This style can also be referred to as Traditional by adding a few informal plants within a formal landscape
Informal landscape design is the exact opposite of the formal style. A more relaxed feel is achieved by using curved lines and irregular shapes. The plantings are massed in a more informal manner creating a naturalistic appearance.
Southwestern style gardens, also referred to as hill country style, are very natural and reflect the arid, sunny climate of the southwest.  Similar to xeriscape landscape design, southwest designs feature native plants.
A well designed tropical garden can be very beautiful. Typically made up of plants with very large leaves and flowers with intense color. Lush foliage builds in height towards the back of the garden creating a dense planting area.  Often, tropical landscapes are best suited for swimming pool areas using a variety of different palms.
Gracious curves, lush green lawns, and fragrant, colorful blooms can transform your home into a relaxing outdoor hideaway, reminiscent of the tranquil English countryside.
Natural Outdoor Living with xeriscape landscape design is a garden style traditionally used in arid areas with very little rainfall because it incorporates a selection of native plants that are sustained with a small amount of water, usually drought tolerant plants.  In this region, we use an assortment of ornamental grasses and drought tolerant perennials.
This Asian style of garden design tries to mimic nature on a small scale. The informality of nature plays a dominate role here. Oriental gardens often incorporate the art of feng shui with it's nine zones that helps to instill a sense of peace and balance to ones life.
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